Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rexburg Unplugged

Brian and I joined the Rexburg Chamber of Commerce! So, we got to set up a booth at the community event called Rexburg Unplugged. It was just a place for businesses to give out swag and a place with food and music. Brian and I sold 4 games! and passed out all of our business cards! We were excited and thought it went well. We hope that all the contacts we made will result in more sales. We would like to thank our friends the Backman's for letting us borrow their tables! The less start-up fees we have the better!

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Ashley said...

ok so i guess this comment is a little late, but hey!! That's really cool, congrats! But I want to congratulate you on this new upcoming life you're going to have.. I see you are due in about 8 DAYS!! WOW!! That could mean any day now though.. I was exactly 8 days early with Lizzy :) take lots of pictures of your lil one!! :) LOVE YA!!!