Sunday, January 6, 2013

Playing with new toys and some New Year's videos

I was so excited to see Jonas playing with his remote control car. I'm sure he doesn't steer it too well yet but it was fun to see him playing with it!

In those photos you will also see the Spider-Man backpack he got from his cousin, Brendon. Jonas was so excited about it on Christmas day! He wanted to put it on right away and he was ready to go outside with it too! He probably thought it meant he was going to school!

New Year's Eve was rainy and cold! But New Year's Day, it had stopped raining so we got some fireworks and had a blast with the kids. They did so great! Sydney and Jonas each lit one firework on their own without anyone guiding their hands!

They loved the little poppers you throw on the ground!

oooh sparklers!

Here's a video of them with some Roman Candles:

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