Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas Day

Christmas morning the kids were very excited to open their presents! ok maybe Sydney was a little more excited than Jonas. She was ripping through hers really fast while Jonas' pile was getting higher because he was taking his time! But they loved their guitars, books, airplanes, dresses, and more!

Jonas posing in his jammies:

Jonas liked the gift tissue! easy to rip out!

another dress-up outfit for Sydney!

Jonas first Thomas train set! he loved that!
 Rocking princess!

We also missed one of Sydney's presents and she found it a few hours later much to her excitement! It was a Hello Kitty Bingo game and she loved having us play it with her. We must have played at least 2 hours that day! I think it might become a new tradition, hide a present on Christmas day to find later!

We then went to go visit poor Grandpa Tuck in the hospital.

We are glad Grandpa Tuck later got out of the hospital on Saturday of that week but sad he had to spend most of our visit there. Hopefully next time we'll be able to see him more!

We had a lot of fun spending Christmas as Grandma and Grandpa Tuck's and this was the first time we were at their house for Christmas! A very memorable Christmas!

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