Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fun in the sun! Getting the job done!

The kids and I have been having some fun the last couple of weeks. Have some photos to share with you about our adventures!

August 2nd
A quick video Sydney playing hopscotch. She saw on an episode of "Blue's Clues" where Blue learned to play and so Sydney wanted to, too :)

August 4th
In the morning, we went to the Kids' Workshop at Home Depot and the kids got to build stuff. I met up with Nicole there, too! Her boys, Brendon and Ross, as well as Jonas decided to make a small toolbox. Sydney went with a butterfly house.

Brian painting Jonas' tool box.

My nephew Brendon checking out the steps.

Sydney wanted to paint her butterfly house blue. She did a great job of carefully painting each side and was very patient about it. I was pretty surprised.

My sister Nicole, getting some green paint for Ross' toolbox.

Brendon with his finished toolbox! What to go buddy!

Jonas with his finished toolbox.

And Sydney next her butterfly house she painted all by herself!

Next, we went to the Sci-Port.

Brendon, the captain!

Think Sydney is old enough to learn how to tell time?

August 5th
This day we got to have a special event in the family as my cousin Patricia had her baby Ariana blessed by my grandpa in church. I wish Jonas had not started screaming when Brian went up to be in the circle but it was great to have all the family together. Here is the little star, Ariana.

This picture shows Patricia's 3 children, my sister Andrea's two children, my sister Nicole's two children and then my two children. 9 of my grandmother's Great-grandchildren! wow!

And here is my grandma, with Patricia and her mother and of course little Ariana. 4 generations of women!

And the grandparents and great-grandparents of the little angel.

August 7th
This was Sydney's 2nd dentist visit. She did a great job the first time and so I wasn't really worried about her this time. But the hygienist just went on and on about how great she did and gave her 3 prizes! Sydney was so excited to get her new toothbrush!

And yay! teeth checked out great!

August 9th
First we went to a water park with my sister Nicole and her son Ross and our nephew Liam.

The cousins with a friend they made!
Later that day, I had to go home and make a German's Chocolate cake from scratch! I made it myself because my grandmother can't handle the soybean products they add to the store-bought cake mixes. So I made everything from scratch! It was quite the process but everyone said it turned out well!

And it was all for my super awesome Grandpa! Love that man! Happy Birthday Grandpa!

The great-grandchildren singing "Happy Birthday!"

And my grandparents, the awesome people that they are!

August 11th
And then, just an ordinary day. Sharing you some photos of sibling love. Awwwww!

Sydney wants to sleep in her princess tent and the mattress on the floor wasn't working out for the bed frame that remained and was getting climbed on so this was dad's solution, place it around the bed! They have lots of fun in this!

Till next time!

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