Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fun days of summer, Baking and Anniversary

So I don't have AS many pictures of this week but we still had some fun.

My friend saw our water park pictures and said we needed to go to that! so we went again! The kids have no problem with that!

I thought I would take a picture of Sydney up on this rock.

But then she yells at me, "Don't take my picture MOMMY! GET ME DOWN!" I thought it was funny though. I guess I am a mean mom!

The kids were having fun covering this fountain with a bucket and watching the water inside.

I really love this water park because it's has some sandy play areas too that are COVERED and then not very high so I don't have to follow Jonas like a hawk so he doesn't try to jump down from an 8 feet landing. And it's well enclosed and encircled by a large field and they kids don't run off too much! Time for mommy time chat! It was nice!

And then I just have some photos of the kids helping me bake. Sydney was upset she couldn't help me cook dinner so I made it up to her by baking cookies with her. Jonas has been learning to say no lately. Although he says "mo" usually, this time when Sydney said "no-no" to not touch the cookies, he said "no-no perfectly!"

On Friday I started watching my friends' son so we'll have him over every morning starting in Sept. Sydney knows how to spell her name (S-Y-D-N-E-Y) and now we are working on her being able to write it! I thought she wasn't ready to start reading words because she doesn't always answer questions about letters correctly but she has learned how to spell "cat" and "bat" so she continues to amaze me!!

Jonas has started waking up at night crying and I am worried his phase of night terrors has started :( Sydney started about this age, too. We will see. One time this week I told him he had to sit on the potty until he went before getting in the bath and Dad sat with him and he went! So a little bit of training going on but not much. He doesn't always want to sit on the potty and then when he does, I can't get him off even though he's been there for 15 minutes! Should be an adventure!

Brian and I also celebrate our 7th anniversary tomorrow! Thanks for 7 wonderful years of love, fun and happiness with you sweetheart!

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