Sunday, June 3, 2012

Kymry's visit, group shots

Ok, last post about Kymry's visit. LOL. You think I took a lot of pictures? I'm only posting about 1/10 of the ones I have. We had a super fun week with her!

So we went to the Norton Art Gallery trying to get some gorgeous group photos of 6 children all 5 and under. lol. you can tell how well that worked. but we got some cute shots of them in clusters.

The girlies :)

We were trying our hardest to grab their attentions and make them smile with every goofy phrase we could think of. I think these came out pretty cute. Just a rundown for you:
Left to right: Jonas, 1; Scarlett, 2; Liam, 5; Bryce, 1; Kaylin, 4; and Sydney, 3.  They are a cute bunch are they not?

Cute mother-son shot!

then we let the models play in the creek. they LOVED that.

Some cute flowers in the girly-girls hair :) Such pretty little ladies!

Then we have some pictures with our grandparents. have I ever said how totally our grandparents are? Well they ROCK. Not only are they the reason why we are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, which blesses my life every hour of every day, but they have always opened their home to provide help and assistance to their children. They are so loving and I love getting these multi-generational shots with them.

6 great-grandchildren in this shot!

The granddaughters with the best grandparents ever!

And I was glad that our cousin Peggy was able to come see Kymry the night before she left.

Another shot with the sisters and their crazy bunch of kids! 

Sisters, always and forever. Love you guys and hope we can get together sometime soon again..  :)

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