Sunday, June 3, 2012

Kymry's visit, Gator and Friends and Chuck E Cheese's

There's a lot of photos to go through! Since it's been over a month since she visited, I better get these up! So I'll just pick some of the best photos from the rest of Kymry's visit. She has since had her sweet baby girl Hailey!

These first set of photos are from a place called Gator N' Friends where you can see lots of other cools animals besides alligators, like these deer, lemurs, zebra, camel and goats.

Oh mom! You're such a kidder!

Kaylin and Scarlett find a caterpillar!

Come on cousin, give me a smooch!

Aunt Drea explains this as she was barely holding Jonas back from climbing into the kangaroo enclosure

Kaylin enjoying a ride!

Bryce was loving opening and closing the tray on my stroller. :)

These photos are from Chuck E. Cheese's. This was the first time Sydney and Jonas had ever been there! The kids had a blast with lots of tokens!

gotta love Scarlett's adorable smile!

Ok and some more pics for this post... We also went to the great Duck Pond. It was great to go there because we all have lots of memories of this park from our childhood spent in Shreveport.

A super wonderful sight was to see this mother duck with her baby chicks. They actually came within a few feet of Drea and the kids while they tossed some bread to them. It was so cool!

 Fun times!

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