Monday, April 23, 2012

Silly kids!

So I almost wasn't going to post this today (I mean it is like midnight as I post this) but my sister is coming into town (yay!) tomorrow with her kids so I know I will have lots of photos for next week so here goes!

There's really not a lot. This week has been simple like most weeks. I am FINALLY over my cold/sinus infection. I had it for a week before the week of Good Friday and was so miserable! I took Dayquil and Nyquil and they seemed to help slightly and then it went away so I thought I was good. not so! I came back from Easter in Alabama and there it was again! Ack! And the head pressure and congestion despite nasal rinses with the netti-pot was just not letting up. The kids also had yellow snot (ewwww!) and it wouldn't go away! I finally talked to my mom (thanks Mom!) and she suggested nasal spray and vicks vapor for the kids. I finally pulled out the humidifier (duh!) and Jonas cleared up in a few days and my congestion cleared up, too! Sydney is still a little runny but overall we are all feeling a LOT better! So yay!

Kids have been loving playing outside!

Sydney is becoming my "matter-of-a-fact-reporter" keeping me updated on the comings and goings of the house and any important updates. Even if I was the one who just said it. We recently checked out books by Oliver Jeffers (Lost & Found, Up & Down, and Stuck) and she is in love and I am, too! (Lost&Found and UP& Down is about a boy and a penguin). Rapunzel is her favorite toy right now. Loves to take her everywhere and have her in the bed with her. Sydney is doing really well with her letters and I am trying to print out worksheets throughout the week to help her write her letters and start recognizing the numbers.

Such a cute face!

And my attempt to use the tripod and self-timer button to take a photo...

Jonas loves wearing stuff on his head... he is talking more and shaking his head a lot now. But it's cute...for now.

Almost enough hair to gel and make a mohawk!

And I have some videos.

Sydney and Jonas singing with our Rock Band microphone! Jonas started it, so cute!

And one with more of just Sydney singing.

This past weekend, we had our friends' kids over on Saturday and their son was playing Kinect Adventures and Jonas thought he would try it out!

This one is of Jonas playing "monster" with our monster towel hoodie.

I'm out! See you later!

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