Sunday, October 23, 2011

Jonas 1 year-old! photos and photos!

Hey everyone! I finally took some time to edit these photos I took on Jonas' birthday. Love photoshop! And love it even more now that I am on a new and faster computer. My old computer could not keep up with me and so we got a replacement! I am loving it!

But I dressed up Sydney and Jonas on Jonas' birthday and had some fun. This is our front yard. The kids mostly play in the back yard but I love this huge shady tree in our front yard and also how the grass is keeping pretty short (because of the tree no doubt) so you can actually see the kids! Anyways, here are some shots of the birthday boy:

To Jonas,
You came a lot earlier than I expected. I had already had a C-section so I was not as nervous this time around but was saddened when you had to go to the NICU. It broke my heart to not be able to hold you until you were about 3 days old. I was not encouraged to even touch you before then either. But all through your time being sick, I was not worried. I knew you would pull through just fine and whatever the after-effects, you would be watched over. I love your sense of humor, your way of making everyone smile, your tenacity and curiosity. Everyone loves your blue eyes. That's about the only facial feature I can take credit for as everyone says you and your sister look like your dad. I hope you always enjoy the sun, the beautiful world around you and remember each day is a gift from God.

Here is Sydney. Love this little girl's personality!

Here is one of the above pictures that I went a little artistic on. I think I'm going to frame it and hang it up!

And no photo shoot is complete without getting some cute pictures of these two together!

And here is a picture of the bath toys Jonas got for his birthday from us. Now when these two take a bath it is water chaos! but they love it! There are these foam roads and car pieces that stick to the walls and then this cup tower with different cups that have holes, and spinning pieces, etc.

Oh yeah! one more thing! I saw this idea on another blog and thought it was sooo cute! I talked to Sydney about octopuses and how many legs they have. We checked out some videos of their amazing camouflage. Then we had "octopus" for lunch and made an octopus craft. It was really fun!

That's all for now!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sydney 3 years

It's so amazing to think Sydney has been a part of our family for 3 years now.

She's learning and picking up on things so quickly. I love her sense of humor and how we make each other laugh. I love that she still wants to hang out with her parents (even if when Dad gets home she is Daddy's Girl and sometimes wants nothing to do with me). She has a great imagination, she loves helping out with Jonas and she excitedly talks about us going shopping! She loves dressing up and playing princess. She can also be a tom-boy as she loves cars, monsters and climbing. She is still my little monkey and I treasure her. Each day I pray that I'm teaching her what she needs to succeed and embrace the gospel of Christ. Each day she teaches me more about the love of God. There's a primary hymn I love to sing called "We Are Different" and the last verse says: "I love you and you love me, We reach together for the best we can be and that's the way it is supposed to be". I think it's talking about families and I think this is what happens every day between Sydney and myself.

Happy Birthday Sydney! You really are my sunshine!

Here she is with the Dragon Pillow Pet we got her:

Lady bug Face Painting from the Red River Revel:

And then eating some ice cream at Baskin Robins on her birthday:

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sydne'y s birthday song

Whoops! forgot this video

Birthday Party Videos and pictures

Hey all! Sydney and Jonas had a lot of fun at their birthday party! Their cousins Liam and Scarlett were there with Uncle Ian and we enjoyed the Tangled theme and a general prince and princesses theme! I was so excited Jonas kept his crown on!

Here are some videos of the birthday siblings:

And here are some videos! Jonas had a shirt that said "Birthday Boy" and Sydney wore the same pink dress she did at her birthday party last year!

We had Pin the tail on Pascal (lizard from Tangled). I drew him myself. I think he came out pretty good.

Pull-string pinata with lots of candy

Birthday royalty!


And the men having fun...

Happy Birthday Sydney and Jonas! I will be back to add more photos from Sydney's actual birthday where we went to the Red River Revel and then out for some ice cream.