Sunday, August 14, 2011

Random cuteness and Jonas 10 months!

Sydney and Jonas are playing together more and more every day. It's really cute. Sydney can often be too rough- we have had biting issues {again} lately since Jonas has popped 3 teeth! He bites her, she bites back, it's not fun. But it's also so fun to watch them make each other laugh and smile.

Here are a few random pictures of them.

And then a sibling shot- love it!

Today I had Sydney wear this yellow dress and the yellow bow in her hair and I had to get pictures! (Did some photoshop editing to bring out the colors more!)

I first ask her to smile and get this crazy face:

Today marks Jonas being 10 months old!
Like I said, he has 3 teeth- two on top and one on the bottom. He is getting tired of being spoon-fed and wants to eat what we eat at the table so he has had egg noodles, mac and cheese and peas, green beans and pears (in these little fruit catchers with nets- thanks Drea!). He still hasn't ventured to taking a step out but we are practicing getting him to stand on his own. He has made very distinct "ma-ma" sounds recently! Fun developments! Here is the cutie!

Love this cute smile!

Close-up of those Baby Blues!

And I know nothing is final YET, but Brian and I put in an offer on a house that was accepted so we're moving forward in the house-buying process! We LOVE this house and it's location is perfect for shopping and Brian's work. Here are some pictures pulled off the real estate sites:

Love the curb appeal! It's on a nice, quiet cul-de-sac. 
 Kitchen is a little small but I think it will be great. Look at that great backsplash!
 Gorgeous Master bedroom! They did a great job with the hardwood floors, color choices and gorgeous crown molding.
 The living room is a great shape. It also has a vaulted ceiling.
 This is the 2nd bedroom. I LOVE the chair rail! This will be Jonas' room- already painted the right color! And because it is the closest one to the master bedroom.
 Don't you love this patio! They just installed it last year and it looks so nice! Too bad we don't have any nice patio furniture! but we'll still enjoy it with our camping chairs.

 All in all, it's a 3bed/2bath home, 1300sqft and we are super-excited!
We hope to close Sep 20th or sooner! Love to all!

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Amy said...

I can't believe how big your babies are getting! Also Congrats on your cute house!