Sunday, October 10, 2010

What I've been up to...

Sorry no current pregnancy photo. I've been meaning to get a recent one taken but here is one from 2 weeks ago when I was 34 weeks along.

I am now 36 weeks along! I feel great! I can still wear my wedding ring and I have not developed carpal tunnel (yet, knock on wood) like I did with Sydney. I did a little photoshop playing around and from pictures, it seems that at 30 weeks with Sydney I was the same size as my 34 week photo you just saw. So, I definitely think I am doing better this time around. I'm gaining less weight and since I lost all the pregnancy weight related to Sydney, I hope to do the same this time. My goal is to be back at me pre-pregnancy weight by the time the baby is 6 months old. And if I did not have stomach issues this time around, that would be great, too!

Well, I just wanted to show off a little of what I do. On the side from watching my nephew and niece during the week, and tutoring some math occasionally, I also design digital scrapbooking kits. These are two kits I released last week.
Still not making amazing money with this but I hope to be getting my name out there and do better in the future.

And here are some of the recent digital layouts I did and really liked how they turned out.
Yep, Sydney's going to be a lady bug this Halloween!

You can't tell too well, but with these black and white photos, I selected out her blue eyes so actually her eyes are in color and everything else is black and white. If you enlarge the photo, you might might be able to tell better....

I am working on a Halloween wreath which I got the idea for from here:

I'll show you a pic when I am done. It will not look anything like that example because I'm cheap and only bought 3 types of Halloween ribbon but it still looks cute I think.

Ok, done making my blog spot a brag spot.



Ashley said...

Meg- way cute... The prego pictures and I also like your scrapbook pages!! That's awesome. I wish I could be crafty & creative like that!!! :)
<3 ya take care and hope all goes well with #2!!! ;)

The Wright Family said...

You look great! I can't believe your little one is going to be here in just a few weeks! Your digital scrapbooking looks amazing! Great job! Miss ya!