Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Sydney!

We celebrated Sydney's 2nd birthday with a party yesterday. Brian's parents were able to come in from Alabama and we had my sister's family and our friend Christine's family so it was a blast! We went swimming first for an hour and then the party was right at Sydney's nap time so she was kind of quiet during the whole thing.

The beautiful cake Christine made:

Sydney with her pumpkin I helped her decorate. We got small pumpkins and stick-on faces.
Her dad got her this singing balloon. You tap the balloon and it sings to you about your birthday. Sydney got good at singing that song! She also referred to this day as "Happy Day!" all day long!

Sydney with Grandma Tuck.
Sydney thought that some of the cat whiskers from the pumpkin decorations would be better on her face.
Sydney with Grandpa Tuck.
She knew what to do when the lit candle was placed in front of her

The bow on top was made of marshmallow-based fondant and Sydney couldn't resist trying a bite!

Sydney with some of her loot. She loved all her presents. Thank you everyone!

Happy Birthday, sweet Sydney!


Amanda said...

Happy birthday to the beautiful girl! Her real "present" will come in a few weeks in the form of a baby brother! :)

Party of Four said...

SHE IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy birthday to Sydney :)

Jami said...

So Sweet, Happy Birthday Sydney! Love the Cake!