Monday, July 19, 2010

The Move (sorry, no pictures yet)

So I have a ton of pictures to show you but unfortunately I can't find the cord to upload them from our camera so no pictures just yet.

Our move went fine. Nothing got severely damaged and we were able to get our trailer here before we took off for Alabama/Georgia. When we got to Shreveport, my parents were waiting for us (my older sister Andrea and her family moved into my grandparents' house about 2 months before we did). It was a great family reunion with my sister Kymry and her family making it out for the weekend. We did some fireworks together and just generally hung out and had a great time! Oh and this was Sydney's first time meeting her great-grandparents on my side (my mother's parents).

Then, we had a week of being here in Louisiana before we headed to Alabama and Georgia for a family reunion where Sydney met her great-grandparents on Brian's side (his mother's parents). She had fun and the Tuck grandparents couldn't get enough of Sydney.

While in Alabama, I also stopped by and visited my cousin Paula who had a new baby just 5 days old. She was so precious. Made me excited for my little bundle coming soon.

Then we came back to Shreveport and really got to work organizing our stuff (well the really important stuff anyway). Our bedroom is squared away and Sydney has a toddler bed since the crib won't fit in our closet. Yes, I know that sounds cruel but Sydney sleeps in our closet because we're used to her having her own room and we have 1 bedroom in my grandparents' house. So those are the sleeping arrangements for now.

With most of our stuff squared away, Brian got to looking for jobs seriously today. He's going by an employment agency tomorrow so we're just crossing our fingers that something will come up soon.

Also starting today, I am watching my nephew and niece. It's nice for Sydney to have someone to play with and gives both a teaching moment for when Sydney is older and in the stage my nephew is in and also a reminder of what it's like to have an infant (my niece is 9 months old). So expect some funny stories from me about the adventures of these 3 kiddos.

Love to all. My number has changed. Sorry if I haven't given you the new number yet, it is not that I am trying to evade you. Just give me some time. Take care and I will post the pics as soon as a I can.

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