Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Few pics and Sydney's upcoming surgery

Hey guys! Wow! The poll is going great and a ton of you think baby #2 is a girl! Brian had to come on the site and vote boy but it's not evening the odds. Funny though!
Here's a pic with our gracious hosts, Aunt JeNae and Uncle Denny. It was a great weekend and I'm glad they live so high up a mountain side because Sydney was escaping outside every time I turned around. She loved that she could open those doors.

Sydney is doing well but we took her to an ear,nose and throat doctor who recommended that we have ear tubes inserted. She will have this minor surgery next Thursday. I'm a little nervous but hope it will help with her pains- she gets tons of ear infections. She's a pretty happy camper right now.

I've been enjoying a week off from working. It's been so nice to just hang out with this little squirt.Check out the "curl-hawk". Totally natural. Not even joking.

The move is approaching! Oh my goodness! About 3 weeks now. Getting a little nervous but excited!


Cat and Blake Potter said...

goodluck with the move and surgery! I know you're probably scared, but it will be ok chica. I hope it helps :)

Amy said...

It is probably scary to think of your baby going through surgery, but at least it is a minor one! I hope it helps her earaches! Poor baby.

The Wright Family said...

Wow! Let me know if you need any help with packing! Good luck to your little Sydney and her surgery-definitely no fun. I hope I can see you one more time before you go! I heard some really good things about you as a teacher from another teacher I spoke with at South Fremont. :)

Kymry said...

I need to call. Have you started packing? Or will you do that the week before you head out?

Poor Sydney, with her surgery, We will keep her in our prayers that she'll get back to be her cute, silly, rambunctious self quickly after. GL with everything and enjoy your last few weeks in Idaho. I am sure you have a ton of people you will miss once you leave. =(

Hugs to all for us.