Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sore, tired and addicted

I haven't blogged in so long! It is so sad! Because if you look at my wordart blog, I make a post Monday-Friday every week! I keep up with my Creative Team assignments of about 6-8 digi-layouts a month (whew!) and make freebies as well as other digiscrap items. I'm addicted to digi-scrapping! I have some secrets to share but don't want to for a couple of weeks so just hang in there!

I went to Harriman Park on a school field trip with my fourth grade class. It was lots of fun! But I fell way too many times! The first 8 times or so I fell it was pretty fun (like the time I fell laughing because this girl went hysterical when she found out she lost one of her gloves. She said, "I'm going to die! My mom is going to kill me!" and was in tears. I couldn't help but tell her, "well, you better enjoy your last few hours and make them count!" and silently to myself, "And keep skiing!") but then I kept hitting my knees on the skis and it wasn't so fun then :( I have HUGE bruises on my knees. And I am so sore! They said we went about 4.7 miles. It was cross-country skiing but I got to do a little downhill skiing which was way fun! I wish skiing wasn't so expensive!

Brian and I are set on moving to Louisiana at the end of June. It couldn't come at a better time! I have one particular kid at work that just wears me so thin, it's disgusting. I think of myself as a patient person but someone who is so openly defiant and not even a teenager just drives me nuts. There are moments of fun and joy with the class but overall, I just know deep-down that it is not my calling in life to be an elementary school teacher.

On to happier news, Sydney's finger is healing so wonderfully! Brian and I got the ER bill and the insurance only paid $100 of it but then because he is a hospital employee we got a huge discount and wound up only paying about $150 for the visit and stitches. Sweet! Very helpful right now.

Sydney has been a little moody lately, I'll have to admit. Her appetite has dropped and she is constantly saying, "No! No! no!" I came home today and was kissing Brian and I got yelled at! "No!No!No!" I think she is getting a little over-protective of her dad and won't share!

But even with the mood swings, here are some cute pics (these were taken at a friend's house):


The Wright Family said...

So cute as always. That's fun you got to go cross country skiing! I'm almost sad winter is going to be over- ha ha

Amy said...

I wish I knew how to digi-scrap. If I did I would be a frequent visitor to your other blog and get great use out of it. I would actually hybrid scrap (paper + digital), but still.

I'm kind of sad you are moving as I won't get to see you when we are in Rexburg this August. And I wonder if you will ever get to meet Liam. I guess Morgan will have to find a new house to leave things at! hehe