Saturday, March 27, 2010

Park Play

At the beginning of March I started selling digital scrapbooking templates, word art and kits at Stuff to Scrap (an online digi-scrapping store). Not many sales as of yet but I know it will take time. I felt that if I can get up to 300-400 downloads a day of the freebies I give away on my blog, maybe I could sell them! We'll see how it goes. My last post I mentioned I was addicted but the last two weeks I haven't felt much like digi-scrapping. It's sad. Work sucks. I have a little disrespectful, defiant "kid" that makes my job miserable. But I have only 9 more weeks. I can't wait.

Brian, Sydney and I are going to my parents' for Easter and I'm so excited! I'll be sure to post some pictures from that visit once I get back.
Sydney has been repeating words a lot lately and is loving being able to go outside now that it is warming up around here. We took her to the park a Sunday a couple of weeks ago, and she amazed me! We have never been able to get her to go down slides but she kept climbing up and we no persistence from us, would sit at the top of the slide and come down! It was awesome! She even went to the biggest slide at the playground and loved coming down! She even started coming down on her belly and would dive down the slide! Then, I took her about a week later and there were a ton of kids on the playground (before, it was deserted) and she just stared at them running by and didn't go down the slides : (

The medium slide she dives down

The Big One!


The Kelley Family said...

she is so cute!

The Simmons Bunch said...

Reno's not to much further then your parents! We could try to meet up sometime if you want? How long will you be at your parents? email us!