Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Adventures of Late

Well, first off, Brian turned the big 2-8 this past Tuesday! We went out to eat at our fave restaurant in Rexburg, Winger's. Brian also got a free movie rental at Hollywood. We plan on having a birthday party this Saturday.
Sydney keeps growing and learning! She can be trying some days but I thought you might enjoy these videos and pictures of what she has been up to lately.One night, Sydney decided to drag me around the house. See that grip on my shirt?!!

She has had fun lately with spewing her food out and then rubbing her hands over her mouth.
Brian got Sydney to play peek-a-boo with him last night. It was so adorable!

Gotta love this little girl's giggles.


Montana Wilkins said...

There's nothing like a giggling baby!!! That sound can cure even the worst mood.
It's so easy to see how much you love that girl and what cute parents you are. Miss you all!

M,W, and CJ said...

She melts my heart. What a cutie.

Amy said...

That girl certainly has personality! Too cute!