Saturday, July 4, 2009

9 months old and Independence Day!

Sydney turned 9 months old yesterday! As you saw from the previous post, she is almost to getting around all by herself- she will pull herself up on things and then let go and stand there for several seconds. Today I even saw her squat down and pick something up and then stand back up. She's getting good! And she'll sometimes take a step or two away from things- she's not scared!
Here she is climbing out of her high chair! I guess she was done eating!
She's getting better at letting us take pictures of her SMILING!
The day started off with Brian helping the Veteran's Organization in Rexburg put up flags all around town at 6AM. Good for you, dear! Then, we went to the Whoopee Days (don't blame me, I didn't name it that) Celebration for Rexburg. Of course we never take a holiday and set up our board game booth. We did fairly well!
Sydney, taking a little nap in Dad's lap.
This was our favorite float in the parade. Broulim's is the local grocery store.

Our 4th of July isn't over yet, we're going to Idaho Falls and hang out with some friends as we watch the fireworks! Happy Independence Day everyone!
- Proud to be an American


Ashley said...

Holy cow! First Sydney is so cute! Second of all that's awesome of Broulim's to be soo creative. That's cool!!

The Wright Family said...

Looks like fun! I can't believe Sydney is starting to walk! She'll be running before you know it! There's no turning back now!