Saturday, May 31, 2008

Baby Girl!

The doctor says it's a baby girl!

This is my 19-week picture. I can't believe I am showing!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Baby Stuff

So, I know we may be crazy but we went ahead and bought a crib. It's what we spent our economic stimulus on (of course we still have some left over. We didn't spend THAT much on a crib.) It's really exciting having it up though, it makes the reality of the baby hit harder. We made a few scuffs into the finish as we assembled it and so that evening I had a horrible dream that we were moving and scuffed tons of finish off of it. It looked so bad, as if it was so old and just a piece of trash. Not that I treasure worldly things but I love that the crib is beautiful.

Brian and I have been bouncing around names and I am leaning towards Sydney. It's my second choice because Brian doesn't like my 1st choice which is Alexis or Lexee. But, I still really like it. I think it is growing on Brian.

With the baby coming I will be leaving my job in August. I am counting down the days! Not that my job is horrible, it just gets tiring having to make all of these decisions, trying to stay consistent and firm from student to student. It also can be hard work trying to stay one step ahead of the kids. Plus, I will miss the ego boost my job gives me. That's really why teachers teach. They like the feeling of control, the feeling of knowledge they know they contain and the expression of shock and awe when they can impress the kids with their knowledge. I know it sounds shallow but I have discovered that about myself. I do love to see the kids succeed at math still. I love to see them set higher goals for themselves and see them taking interest in post-secondary education even when they seem discouraged or think they will not be able to afford college once they leave our facility. I like expecting more from them than I know that teachers in regular public schools probably ever did. So don't get me wrong, I have several motives and although some of them may not be considered the best reasons, they're mine and they keep me happy.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Half-Mother's Day

Brian told me that I am only a "half-mother". I don't mind. I think everyday should be a Mother Appreciation Day and as I have got older I have become disillusioned by the "commercialism" of every holiday and wonder at the true purpose. Not that I didn't do something for my mother this year but that I don't mind all too much if I don't get something and I think I will only do flowers or gifts every now and then for my mom and just make sure to get a card.

Friday was my 20-week mark and so I called it the Hump Day of my pregnancy! I told all the students at my work about my pregnancy and they were all excited. I got a ton of questions about it and even one of the boys said he would like to see ultrasound pictures when I get them. I thought that was pretty nice. Apparently a few of the students said they "knew" and were working up the nerve to ask me. So, I've accepted that I am showing.

Well, Happy Mother's Day to all women with caring and nurturing hearts!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Grateful at times

This morning was a freak-snow after the warm weather we have been having. I admit I felt a little smug as a I pulled out of my garage and saw all the cars around my place with snow all over their roofs and windows. It was a very simple pleasure that made a great start to the day.

I am in charge of a graduation here at the Juvenile Correction Center and I am very nervous. There are going to be a whole lot more people here at this one than the last two and I have to make sure everything goes right! Sometimes I think I don't get paid enough over here.

May 20th is the date for an ultrasound which may give us some insight to the sex of our baby! I am very excited!

I have begun reading The Screwtape Letters and would love correspondence from anyone who has read this and would like to discuss it. I am only halfway through but I am finding it most intriguing.

Anyway, we should have Internet at our new place soon so maybe then I will blog more often.