Sunday, May 11, 2008

Half-Mother's Day

Brian told me that I am only a "half-mother". I don't mind. I think everyday should be a Mother Appreciation Day and as I have got older I have become disillusioned by the "commercialism" of every holiday and wonder at the true purpose. Not that I didn't do something for my mother this year but that I don't mind all too much if I don't get something and I think I will only do flowers or gifts every now and then for my mom and just make sure to get a card.

Friday was my 20-week mark and so I called it the Hump Day of my pregnancy! I told all the students at my work about my pregnancy and they were all excited. I got a ton of questions about it and even one of the boys said he would like to see ultrasound pictures when I get them. I thought that was pretty nice. Apparently a few of the students said they "knew" and were working up the nerve to ask me. So, I've accepted that I am showing.

Well, Happy Mother's Day to all women with caring and nurturing hearts!

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Amy said...

Well Happy Half-mother's day I guess! hehe I think it's funny that Brian decided to rename the holiday for you. I agree with you, I think mothers should be appreciated every day!

And yes I think it is perfectly all right to admit you are showing now! You look so cute!