Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I don't know if I can do a good job at making these like journal entries but here goes. Today was very busy at work. It was one of those days where it seemed every student had something they wanted to talk to me about. It was hard to get a moment of peace. Experienced some small successes, a student said that they liked how I explained something and I was able to really help them with an assignment, and I was able to be tough yet kind with a kid that has been pushing buttons lately. So, a good day. I feel like our packing on Friday evening/ Saturday morning is going to be so rushed and terrible. There's so many little things. Got to leave the soap unpacked so I wash my hands in the morning. Oh, and a towel to wash those wet hands. I haven't moved for over 2 years and so I feel really rusty.

I'm getting fat. Well, it's good fat- it's baby fat but it seems to have come on all of the sudden! Next Tuesday I take some tests to find out if the baby has any illnesses. No one in our ward has had (or has had and shared the fact) a baby with any developmental disabilities or severe illnesses. I don't know how I would handle having a baby with a handicap. It would be so hard. I have never taken care of a family member with a handicap and I would love the child the same but it would be sad to know that this child would not experience everything in life that a "normal" child would. They might not be able to walk on their own, or they might not be able to express what they are thinking or feeling. Have you ever seen the movie "Awakenings"? It has Robin Williams and Robert De Niro and it is about patients who went "Stiff" and they can't talk, they just stare off into space. As Robin Williams, the doctor, begins working with one, he finds that with help, the patient spells out a poet's name on the Ouija board and that poet wrote a poem about feeling caged. It made Robin Williams' character believe that these patients still have an active mind but are unable to express how they feel. It was very sad and made me realize to be trapped in your own mind it a very terrible prison.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New place!

Brian and I are moving into our new apartment this weekend. It is a townhome on the Southern side of Rexburg. We are very excited! It is much more spacious, with lots of storage space! It even comes with a 1-car garage and a little piece of yard we can call our own. I am really sad to be leaving our Ward but we will still see all of our friends! Brian is excited to be able to blare his XBOX as loud as he wants as our living room does not share a wall with anyone. I am excited to start decorating the second bedroom as a baby room! That will be really fun! Brian has told me I can use most of the Economic Stimulus that we get towards buying stuff for the baby! I am thrilled to go on a shopping spree and get some cute stuff! Well, I'll post pictures of our new place once we get settled!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hello all!

Hi. I guess I thought I might try out this "blogging" thing. I have avoided having a blog for so long but I think I will give it a try. I chose Tuck Everlasting as the title of my blog because of the reference to the book and movie and my last name. My husband and I have begun our eternal family and so that is why I have us as everlasting.
My husband is currently a Senior at BYU-Idaho. He is studying Business Management with an emphasis in Supply-Chain management. He can tell you more about that subject. He is also an avid XBOX player and particularly enjoys HALO. He also enjoys shooting real guns and his favorite targets are gophers. Raised in Alabama, he is a southern boy with an American Standard accent. Brian is very gentle, caring, thoughtful and humble. He sets high standards for himself as a friend and is an excellent cook. I adore him.
I am currently a teacher at a Juvenile Correction Center in St. Anthony, ID. I enjoy my job because I am the boss :) But, I miss teaching Math everyday and wish I could do more fun activities with the students I work with. But I see their successes and share in their joy. I also teach Chinese students English over the Internet. It is usually about 5 hours a week and sometimes just talking. I have been doing it for almost 2 years now and I like it a lot. I am also learning some Mandarin slowly.
Brian and I are expecting our first child in September. We couldn't be more thrilled! We know that life will be drastically different but it is hard to imagine right now.
Well, I hope that you find this informative. I think I could make it a habit to blog more often.
Til next I rant.