Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mother's Day, Our New Garden and

There's been some bad storms coming through Shreveport but we've been doing fine with them. Sydney and Jonas are excited that with the summer coming, that means their cousin Liam will be hanging out with us each day! We've been looking online, on Craigslist, in the newspaper for a car Brian can use strictly to get to work and back but it's tough going right now. Hoping to find something soon.

New Van
We did purchase a 2005 Honda Odyssey in the middle of my jury duty trial. We are really loving it! I was worried it would be a lot different than driving a car but I am adjusting to it fine and the kids LOVE the DVD system. A movie is ALWAYS playing when we get in. Here's  some shots of that:

Mother's Day
Here are just some fun pictures we took together on Mother's Day this year.

Sydney and I painted our finger nails.

Love my kids! They can drive me crazy some days but overall they are very sweet and caring and so loving. Sweet and precious gifts from God. I truly understand the love God has for us more fully as I interact with my children.

Jonas with his backpack
 Just a cute random photo. Jonas loves this Spider-Man backpack he got for Christmas from his cousin Ross and I thought this was just so adorable, him staring at this piece of paper intently as if he was reading it! He's going to have a hard time when Sydney starts Pre-K.

Paint Your Heart Out and Dinner
For 3 years now, Brian and I have participated in a community service project they do in our city called Paint Your Heart Out. Groups from the city are assigned homes where elderly, or disabled citizens need a home repainted and the city buys the paint and provides the material and the community provides the man power! Brian has painted the houses each time and the first year, I helped watch kids at the church for those painting, the second year I think I just stayed home with the kids but this year I wanted to paint! We're thankful our friends the Terry's were willing to watch the kids all morning for us. I got paint in my hair (probably from painting straight above myself, lol) and it was hard work but it was fun and I was so glad we were able to help this woman out who had had a stroke! Now she will come home to a newly painted house. Later that day, they had an appreciation dinner for all the volunteers including a crawfish boil!

New Flower Bed
And as if painting a house wasn't enough for a day, we went home and MADE this flower bed around our tree in the front yard. We had to try to level out the dirt around the roots because they are HUGE! Brian's co-worker gave us some irises to plant and then a few days later we went and got some other flowers too.

Even Miss Priss herself helped us with the garden.

We're just grouping the irises all together for now, they are supposed to expand out really well and Brian's co-worker is bringing us more too so hopefully we'll have another ring of flowers around the bed soon. Overall, I love the way it came out and the color it adds to our front yard!

We will be going to the water park  A LOT this summer. We decided to go last Friday and it was packed! but the kids had a great time!

Jonas might be outgrowing naps. For now I don't push trying to get him down for a nap but if he falls asleep I let him sleep. He's off and on for naps each day and I'm ok with that. It's more important he sleeps well at night than during the day for me.

Hope everyone is doing well and we look forward to a fun summer!

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