Sunday, February 3, 2013

Warming Weather and New adventures

January 21st
On Martin Luther King Day I got to watch my nephew and niece! Sydney was so excited to have someone to play dress-up with! I would see a purple dress walk by and thought it was Syndey, but the brown hair gave it away as Scarlett. I did double-takes like that all day. lol.

I really wish this picture wasn't blurry, it's so dang cute their looks!

Blowing some bubbles outside. And yes, Jonas has the bubble wand in his mouth in the back.
Liam enjoyed taking the berries off of the tree that hangs over our back fence. I was careful to tell them not to eat them!

January 26

Jonas loves all kinds of fruit, including strawberries. I was just shocked at how big this strawberry was and the leaves were huge too!

February 2
 So the big adventure... I'm not 100% sure Jonas is ready to start hard core potty-training but I thought maybe if we get him some Cars underwear he would get excited about it and try it. So here is a video of him trying on his underwear for the first time.

I kept asking him to go sit on the potty, sit on the potty, etc. and he had an accident on the floor. I very gently told him, ok let's go get this off in the bathroom. And he happily took off his socks but when I started taking off his underwear, he was MAD. But I stayed calm because I knew that it was good for him to see that the underwear goes away if he has an accident. So, I was kind of happy he was upset. lol. Going to try to give him some time in the underwear when I can and am home and see if starts getting the idea... wish us luck!

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