Sunday, July 1, 2012

Where did June go.....

Oh man! I am getting behind on the blog! It's been kind of busy but fun around here!

On June 2nd, we went to this kid fun place and it was nice to just let the kids play. We had some pizza, too.

Basketball superstar!

Messy Face!

And a cute little video of Jonas blowing on his food:

Then Jonas squeezed in a quick game of Air Hockey with dad:

Some video footage:

And you gotta love Sydney's expression as she plays this shooter game. Makes me think "You rascally rabbit!"

We borrowed our neighbor's kiddie pool one afternoon and the kids had a blast! Oh, and the thing on Jonas' shoulder is a temporary frog tattoo. We're not beating our kids!

Some video footage:

Then, we took all the cousins bowling! It was a tad crazy with 6 little kiddos but they still had fun! I broke 100 so I was happy. LOL.

Ross and Scarlett by the large bowling pin!

Scarlett and Sydney! These girls are so cute! always getting super happy to see each other and giving each other a huge hug!
 Here's Brendon with his cheesy grin!

 Liam, giving it some extra air just in case!

And Drea, looking like a serious, pro-bowler even though I whooped ya! We all were distracted during the game but it was fun!
And can you believe it, that same day, we went to a birthday party! Full weekend! Sydney has gone to 3 birthday parties since the summer started! whew! Lots of fun stuff though!

Here's Sydney with the birthday girl, Peyton. Peyton and her 2 brothers are who I watch during the week.
 And Jonas, just going along for the ride.

And then this is some pictures of bedtime that night. The kids are fighting over my lap more. I do get annoyed sometimes but then I am glad Jonas is still such a sweet little cuddle bug, even if he is a wiggle worm. My mom said I was a wiggle worm when I was little so I guess I'm just getting a taste of my own medicine.

Jonas has really taken a stronger liking to books. Like the one he's reading in this photo, "How Do Penguins Play" is one of his favorites right now and one day, he had to take it with him everywhere we went. It's cute to see him looking through books.

In this one, he finds me a comfortable place to lay on and read.
 Jonas has also started to point at pictures of Jesus and mumble "jes" or something close to that. It's cute and sweet to see that he's recognizing him and just testifies of the sweet spirit of children so close to the veil.

Here's a video "Super Princess Sydney". That's what she told me she wanted to be for Halloween, a super princess. We'll see if we can pull it off... Right before this, she was telling me, "Mom, don't look at my super trick" because she knew she wasn't supposed to be jumping on the couch but I couldn't resist letting her because she looks so cute in her "super" costume.

Here's a video of Jonas putting on my shoes and walking around. He loves shoes, loves putting your shoes on your feet, taking them off and trying others' shoes. It's cute!

And! a few days ago, I smelled the warning signs of a dirty diaper and had Jonas sit on the potty. We have a little training potty in the bathroom and he's been sitting on it some times. He likes to get toilet paper and wipe too even though he never goes. But this day! He stayed on, I think it helped that Sydney was sitting on the big potty next to him, and he went! I tried to make as big a deal as I could, telling him what a big boy he was and giving him a sticker. I'm not sure how much I want to do as far as training right now, I think I'll just see how long he'll sit there some times. But here is a photo of the big boy on the first day he went in the potty!

The silly boy, he'll make that face when I'm taking the picture, then a HUGE smile comes on his face as he races to me to look at his picture on the camera. Little stinker...

Anyways, that's what we have for now! Looking forward to a visit to Alabama this week to see Grandma and Grandpa Tuck!

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