Sunday, July 10, 2011

sick, blah, blah, blah

So this past week Sydney and Jonas have been sick. It started really on Wed. They both have sore throats. And if it wasn't for Sydney's ability to talk and say "mouth" as well as hold her hand to her mouth, we wouldn't have known what it was. It started out as just a fever on Wed. and now they don't have fevers but Sydney is really cranky (off and on). A few sleepless nights in there, too. fun!

But here are some photos of the fun things we have been up to lately.

Third of July (so technically, this family photo was taken the day before the 4th, but we dressed patriotically for church and decided to take a family photo).

Aunt Dawn was in town with her kids so Sydney went swimming almost every day. It was really fun having them here! We had a great meal on the 4th with Dad cooking some awesome hamburgers.

OH! And Brian got an acceptance letter for a permanent position at Schlumberger! Yeah! So, we've started the process of looking for a place of our own. Maybe a house? to buy? We'll see!

I trimmed Sydney's hair in the back because all the frizz was really annoying me. I just took off about an inch or two. I think it looks tamer now!

Jonas is cruising and can even push this little push-along toy we have (I have a video but it's HUGE and I can't find our Windows Movie Maker on our computer- I know we had it!) but he's doing well! 9 months this week!

Sleeping angels

And some for fun:

Sydney's favorite song (for now) is "Down by the Station". Our version goes through the song twice at a moderate speed and then speeds up for the second half of the song and she loves to start running back and forth in her room when it gets to this part. Yes, our little GIRL loves TRAINS. It's fine by me, even if I don't enjoy watching Thomas the Engine with her.

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