Monday, February 14, 2011

I love...

  • I love that Sydney asks "please stop" even when's she upset. As sad as it is, it is also cute that I am driving in the car and hear "please stop" to find Sydney has her hand up, feebly trying to tell the sun to stop shining in her eyes.
  • I love hearing Jonas laugh out loud. It's so stinking cute.
  • I love that Sydney LIKES to take naps. Most days, she is so easy to put down and can sometimes sleep 2, maybe 3, hours. So nice!
  • I love that Jonas is sleeping 6 hours in a row at night now, although, getting him down is sometimes the hardest part.
  • I love getting stuff for so cheap! I have a 20% off coupon from Parents magazine paired with Amazon discounts for Subscribe and Save and Amazon Mom, and I'm paying less than $17 for a pack of 140 diapers for Sydney. It's so fantastic! I love getting great deals!
  • I love digital scrapbooking. Brian will tell you I'm obsessed and he's right. I'm really delving deep into designing now and I love it! ( is where you can check out some of my stuff)
  • I love mt wonderful family! They bring so much happiness and joy in my life- they give me all te motivation I need to keep going. Love you!

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    TerriLyn said...

    That is so cute the way she says "please stop" even to the sun! That is a great list of things you love. Cute fam!!