Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm thankful for...

  • I'm thankful Brian has a full-time job right now. I know it's not easy for him as he struggles with his co-workers and boss from time to time but I'm thankful he sticks with it and does his best to have a positive attitude.
  • I'm thankful for olive oil. Jonas started getting some flakes on the top of his head- cradle cap! Sydney never got it and I didn't want it to spread on Jonas and get really bad! I want a clean record! I had just read that olive oil can help loosen the flakes. So I applied some on Jonas' head and got a cloth to gently scrub his flakes off. I'm thankful he didn't fuss.The flakes came off and his head has been clear for over a week now! Whew! Crisis averted!
  • I'm thankful Jonas did not cry when I trimmed his nail too close and made his finger bleed. Crying would have made me feel 10 times worse than I already did.
  • I'm SOOOOOO thankful for my grandparents and everything they do. Monday, Sydney had a fever and when it continued on to Tuesday, I knew she needed to get checked out. My angel grandmother went with me to a quick care so I would have help with two kiddos. She was SOOO helpful. Sydney was in a pretty good mood as we waited over an hour in the waiting room. At the very end, she had had enough but grandma stepped in to keep her entertained. After Sydney was tested and came back positive with strep, my grandmother drove me to Wal-Mart to get the prescription. Both kids had fallen asleep and so grandma drove around the parking lot for 40 minutes while I waited for the prescription to fill. I do not know how I would have done on that day if it weren't for grandma.
  • I'm grateful for my sister who comes home from a full and busy day of work and asks what she can do to help when she sees two crying kids on my lap. A sister who doesn't mind my daughter begging food from her at the dinner table. A sister who Sydney often calls "Mommy Drea".
  • I'm so thankful for a husband who gets up in the middle of the night with our toddler who has been waking up wailing at all hours of the night. A husband who reached into his pocket and gave money to a homeless man who approached him. Which money was a Christmas present to him. 
  • I'm thankful for a daughter who loves me even when I lose my cool with her, or tell her she can't go outside. 
  • I'm thankful for a son who, even though he was born pre-maturely, is healthy and growing well.
I know I am truly blessed.


Cat and Blake Potter said...

love this Meg, you are very blessed!

Party of Four said...

we are all truly blessed, aren't we? LOVED this post and the previous posts with your cute cute Jonas! I just want to smooch those cheeks!

The Wright Family said...


TerriLyn said...

Brian is a better man than I. Terri gets up a hundred times more in the night than I do. Good job Brian, making the rest of us look bad but giving us hope that we can improve.