Friday, May 7, 2010

That's Sydney for you....

Just thought I would blog a few things that Sydney has done:

  • Today she was scooting on the floor backwards (like, army-crawling backwards) out of the kitchen with crackers in her hands. Maybe it was "stealth mode".
  • She is better at remembering to brush her teeth than we are. She pulls us in the bathroom saying, "tee! tee!" (aka teeth, because we always ask, "You want to brush your teeth?")
  • She can climb into her crib (the drop-gate is down, but it still counts!) but she can't climb out. She can climb up her changing table and can get down.
  • The barbies and dolls are stripped, and she also tries to be nude as well, very often.
  • She can say book, teeth, up, step, bite, shoes, juice, happy, no, sippy, blocks, and more that I can't think of right now.
  • Walks in our shoes whenever they are left out.
  • The other day Sydney was jumping off a chair into her dad's arms and she thought she would do it even without him there. Splat! She went face first into the carpet. She didn't think it was so fun anymore.
  • And for a few months now has been shaking her hand to the popcorn popping parts of the song.
Just thought you'd like to hear about our little Sydney and what she has been up to.

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McKay & Dani said...

YOUR PREGNANT!!!!! CONGRATS!! We were so surprised to see that you were expecting!! We are sooooo happy for you!