Tuesday, August 25, 2009


First, our long-time friends the Ards moved to Oregon. We will really miss them! Brenda is my favorite redhead who is so crazy and fun!
On Saturday, I met up with some of my old roommates, Amy and Katy. It was fun to catch up with them. Can't wait to do it again!
And a little Sydney for you. Sydney has gotten into this habit of squinting her eyes and giving a huge grin. She is so silly!


Amy said...

Hooray for pictures! My bangs are crazy, but oh well. I think we should meet up for lunch at least every couple of months. So much fun and I miss you guys!

The Wright Family said...

That looks like fun! So when do we get to hang out again? :)

The Ard Bunch said...

When I first saw your blog after we got here (it had been a week or two after we left)you made me cry a little bit. We miss all of our old friends. I love our new ward here. There are a lot of older people in this ward along with some younger families. Two weeks after getting here, they reorganized the YW presidency and I was called to be the 1st councelor!! TWO WEEKS... i think we were prayed here. It is great to be working with the YW. THere is a lot of catching up to do though. I love you guys, and I love your pictures.