Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What I do

Well, I know lots of you already know about the business Brian and I own and some of you don't, so I thought I would explain. On the right side of this blog, there's a list titled "Our Other Blogs/Websites". At the bottom of the list is "Our Board Game Store." Clicking on that will take you to a blog with game descriptions and prices. Also, you could go to our store front, Tuck's Media where Brian is working on building the website so you can order games from us using Google checkout. We started the business last August when we decided that all the games we love were very popular and growing with popularity especially with our friends and thought we could get good business in this area. We started with just word of mouth but we have had booths at the Rexburg Unplugged and Some Guy's Flea Market local events. We're learning all about owning private businesses as we go and it's been fun. We sell games like Settlers of Catan, Bohnanza, Carcassonne, Killer Bunnies, etc. Most of the games are international ones that have been translated and came to America. If you haven't played any of the ones I have listed, you are really missing out. Monopoly, Life, Guesstures... these classics are fading as new wacky and exciting genres of games are stepping into the limelight. You can always come over to our house and try some of these games out for yourself.
Now, on a side note about the other blogs. I don't update them as much as I should but I have two other blogs. "Star Mapping" is my blog for connecting movies that a certain actor has been in. If you're like me, you are always saying, "What else have I seen that actor in?" or maybe you didn't even realize that person was in that movie. Most of the time, it has been a while since you watched that movie and the actor is more famous now then when they were in that movie. Anyways, I just like making connections.
And my third blog is called "That's Special". This is a saying Brian and I use when we are saying nothing because there is nothing nice to say about these weird phenomenon. Every now and then, I come across something on the Internet that falls into this category. Hopefully this blog will induce a laugh sometimes.
So, there you have it. My blogs and our business.

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