Monday, October 26, 2009

My Niece is Cuter Than Your Niece...

I didn't mention my niece's birth! Scarlett, born 10-21-09. Isn't she precious?!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Feeling Left Out...

So, maybe I am just writing this post to write something. I have felt like everyone else is posting and I have nothing to post! I'll try to make this interesting.

- Sydney seems to be mimicking some of the things we say and it is quite fun. I promise she says "up", "yeah" and "ashes" - from "ring around the rosies"
- We're super-excited about our family Halloween costume this year. Pictures will be forth-coming
- We had more family visitors at the beginning of this month. Brian's newly married cousin Charles and his wife Mara came and visited it us for a week. It was wonderful to see them and we're excited for them to be moving out here to Idaho soon!
- I'm thrilled because I got on a Creative Team of a digital scrapbook designer which means in exchange for getting her kits free I create layouts to show off her work. It's really fun! All my recent layouts on the side here are from kits of hers I used.
- We did get a new car about a month ago now, sorry I didn't mention it earlier. We bought a 2000 Toyota Avalon and we feel spoiled with heated leather, power windows, and a remote. It rocks!
- Soon here I will work on our Christmas greeting cards. Maybe I will have a voting poll to see which design you guys like. Anyways, enjoy some pictures Charles took for us a while back.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Visits and Birthday!

In late September, Grandma Tuck was able to come visit us for a week! We had lots of fun shopping, going to the park and library and just hanging out!
Grandpa Tuck also came and visited for a couple of days! (Pictures will be forthcoming)

We got Sydney a monkey costume for Halloween! It suits her so well!

And ta-da! Sydney is 1 year old! And I CAN believe it! She has humor, can walk, can talk, and has such an enthusiastic personality!